22 years ago today the world lost the queen of hearts. She was a mother, a humanitarian a fashion icon and woman of incredible integrity who possessed incredible humility for her status. This woman was Princess Diana.

The Princess was killed after a horrific car crash in Paris that also claimed the life of her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, along with the driver, Henri Paul. Diana would have been 58 years old if she would have survived the wreck.

22 Years Ago Today the World Lost The Queen of Hearts Princess Diana 1 Princess Diana

It should be interesting how her son Harry celebrates her passing given the fact that he now has a child with Meghan Markle. Harry was just 12 years old when his mother died and his brother William was 15. Both brothers get together every year on the anniversary of her death and reminisce about the impact she had on their life.

22 Years Ago Today the World Lost The Queen of Hearts Princess Diana 2 Princess Diana

US Weekly reported that there is one way Harry and Meghan are teaching their son Archie about his grandmother he’ll never be able to meet, they keep a photograph of Diana in Archie’s Frogmore Cottage nursery.

Her impact has been felt even more so ever since her passing through her charities, her leadership influence and the connection she had with women on a personal level. She was treated like she was not worthy by a husband who did not value her, while her braveness to stand up to an establishment’s regularities of infidelity was epic.

22 Years Ago Today the World Lost The Queen of Hearts Princess Diana 3 Princess Diana

She told women that her unwillingness to tolerate a cheater was necessary for her to find her inner peace and those women going through the same thing didn’t have to take it either. My mother went through the same thing and she’s always admired her toughness for standing up and doing what’s right.

“Carry out a random act of Kindness, with No expectation of reward, Safe in the knowledge that One day someone might do the same for you.”

Princess Diana

Did Princess Diana’s life have an impact on you? What was it? Please let us know what impact she left on you below.

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