Maxine Waters went off the rails in tweets this afternoon calling for President Trump to be placed in solitary confinement once she believes he is to be impeached. Ridiculous!

She’s also called on attorney general William Barr to be impeached alongside President trump claiming “he’s not the people’s he’s Trump’s puppet. ”

This lady has the nerve to be a hypocrite what about when she used her position as a senior member of Congress and member of the House Financial Services Committee to prevail upon Treasury officials to meet with OneUnited Bank.  She never disclosed that her husband held stock in the bank.

Maxine Waters Wants Trump ‘Imprisoned’ & ‘Placed In Solitary Confinement’ 2 Maxine
Maxine Waters Wants Trump ‘Imprisoned’ & ‘Placed In Solitary Confinement’ 3 Maxine

Waters continued to actively assist OneUnited representatives in their quest to receive bailout funds, and worked to craft legislation authorizing Treasury to grant OneUnited’s request ensuring them a $12 million bailout from the federal government.

What about in 2004 when the Los Angeles Times reported separately that Waters’ relatives pocketed more than $1 million over the course of eight years from businesses and political campaigns that were in some way connected to the congresswoman. The reporting showed that her children profited directly from her connections, including that they collected hefty fees from campaigns she had endorsed. The California lawmaker defended herself at the time by saying, “They do their business and I do mine.”

Maxine, you’ve been brought up around 5 times on ethics violations and been dealt with like it didn’t happen that’s corruption and you’re a hypocrite.

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