Marilyn Manson’s record label, Loma Vista, said Monday that it would immediately stop promoting his latest album and not work with him on future projects.

The release came after his on and off again partner and former fiance, actress Evan Rachel Wood, exposed Manson on instagram of abuse so horrific that she suffered night terrors, PTSD, depression and agoraphobia which is being of afraid of leaving one’s home or entering public crowded places.

Wood met Manson was she was 18 and he was 36, The Hollywood Reporter shared. They were briefly engaged in 2010.

It’s extremely upsetting and that it happened at all, what’s worse is it apparently was not an isolated incident with Wood as now multiple victims have come forward claiming to have experienced the same abuses including rape, blood oaths and gathering Nazi memorabilia.

I was deeply terrified and that fear lives with me to this day,” Wood said in her testimony. “What makes me more hurt and more angry than the actual rape and abuse itself was that piece of me that was stolen, which altered the course of my life.

Evan Rachel Wood on Marilyn Manson Abuse Allegations

The other women that came out and spoke their truth against Manson and echoing support Wood are Sarah Mcneilly, Ashley Morgan and a woman named Gabriela.

It’s seems that state Senator of California Susan Rubio has sent a request to the DOJ to further investigate these crimes which god willingly will bring justice to these women.

What was the response from Marilyn Manson?

Manson’s agency CAA is also considering cutting ties with the singer. No final decision has been made yet. In that vein, CAA did not respond to request for comment on the situation.

Rose McGowen branded him a sadist and women still go out with him, these are the warning signs people need to really take to heart when questioning someone’s character, because the signs are right there for them to see, granted it’s not always the case but pay attention.

People are questioning why she came out this late, but people need to realize it’s not easy to speak about certain things. Everyone bottles things up for years until they explode and release in whichever way they do, some things take time to deal with and even when they do “deal” with those demons, people may never have a complete grasp around them.

He’s got many people slamming him for his looks on social media saying this was “expected” and “look at him” while his defenders right now are saying that “looks don’t matter” and “looks aren’t an indicator of abuse” but if this turns out to be true which I believe it will, then in this case all I can say is if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, you know the rest.

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