Peter Manfredonia, the University of Connecticut senior suspected of two murders, was captured by police in Maryland Wednesday night unharmed.

Manfredonia’s killing rampage began Friday when police say Manfredonia hacked to death a Willington man while searching for a female friend. Manfredonia evaded police search teams throughout the weekend and later allegedly fatally shot a Derby man in the head Sunday morning before stealing a car and heading to New Jersey and then taking an Uber to East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Sunday afternoon.

Police arrested the 23 year old suspect after a search that spanned 4 states. He was considered armed & dangerous.

Manfredonia was being manhunted because he’s suspected of taking the lives of Ted DeMers, 62, and Nicholas Eisele, 23, before forcing Eisele’s girlfriend into her car and fleeing the state with her. The woman, 23, was located Sunday at a rest stop near Paterson, New Jersey, with her 2016 Volkswagen Jetta, police said. She was unharmed. 

Authorities believed that a duffel bag he possessed while taking an Uber contained firearms, including long arms such as rifles or shotguns, as well as a possible handgun. Manfredonia is believed to have acquired the firepower during a home invasion or burglary he committed in the Connecticut area, the police chief said.

A lawyer for Manfredonia’s family, Mike Dolan, said earlier that the suspect has struggled with mental health issues and has “sought the help of a number of therapists.”

Manhunt for Peter Manfredonia is Over - Suspected of 2 Homicides Arrested Without Harm 2 Peter Manfredonia

Yet George Floyd was murdered by a group of police officers for fake accusations? The system is really fucked up. Now let’s get it straight I’m in no way advocating violence in response to violence at all. Perpetuating hatred like that merely makes you a part of the problem, not the solution.

What I’m saying is it’s an example of how racist and biased police forces are.

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