Legendary talk show host Larry King has been hospitalized in Los Angeles with COVID-19. King has already survived multiple health scares in the past, including a heart attack, a stroke, prostate and lung cancer and diabetes. 

In November King was hospitalized with a blood-flow issue and spent his 87th birthday there. From 1985 to 2010, King hosted CNN’s Larry King Live.

The former CNN powerhouse has been ill for 10 days, Roger Friedman’s Showbiz 411 reported. Neither King’s wife, Shawn, or their two sons, Chance and Cannon, can visit him in the hospital. The couple is in the process of divorcing but is said to be on good terms, the Daily Mail reported.

King also has an older son, Larry Jr. Two of his children died in 2020: Andy, 65, from a heart attack and Chaia, 51, from lung cancer.

Doctors and nurses at the hospital are facilitating communication between King and his loved ones. King and his wife are still legally married and said to be on good terms despite the fact that they were in the process of divorcing.

It was just covered last month that while they are married still the process of the divorce has moved forward with King agreeing to pay $20,000 in a love some amount to his ex-wife on top of $30,000 a month in spousal support, either way Larry King got screwed and we’re praying for you sir.

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