Former advisor to George W. Bush, Karl Rove, said Bernie Sanders is the candidate to defeat President Donald Trump. He says this because Bernie Sanders performed well on Fox during a town hall meeting that drew 2.6 million people.

In his piece for the Wall Street Journal Rove had a not surprising take on Bernie Sanders, especially since he’s been anti- Trump. Here’s what Rove had to say:

“When only 37% of Americans in the RealClearPolitics average think the country is going in the right direction while 56.4% think it’s on the wrong track, Mr. Sanders could be perceived as an agent of change.”

“If he is the Democratic nominee, Mr. Trump’s task will be to convince Americans that a socialist turn would be a ruinous change. Based on Monday’s town hall, that won’t be as easy as Republicans may think. Mr. Sanders is a real contender.”

This is the same guy who said Trump could never win, wasn’t going to win, thought Romney was going to win, supported Hillary Clinton, and got a scumbag as George W. Bush elected as President. He even said Trump should’ve thanked Paul Ryan for winning Wisconsin which is a joke in itself. Karl Rove is a Bush Globalist type. He gives more strength to Bernie’s globalism than it deserves.

Outside the big markets like Illinois, California, and New York, Sanders doesn’t have a chance. However, if Rove thinks that’s the case, what about that promised 70% tax increase and the effect it would have in those markets? According to the Census Bureau California ranked 17th in the United States in poverty rate with 15%, but if you factor in the supplemental poverty measure that accounts for the cost of living, taxes, housing, medical costs and considered a much more reliable number its ranks number 1 in the country with 20.6%. Florida followed with 19% and New York with Louisiana at 17.9%.

Karl went even further by saying Bernie has basically put some polish on peoples take on what Socialism really is and that will basically help him in the end. So are you calling Americans stupid because you think people don’t know what it is or that they don’t know of its repercussions? News flash Karl and Bernie, don’t mess with the way of life of millions of people, because if you make it worse, well, Bernie, your supposed supporters will revolt against you. I don’t see anyone beating Trump whatsoever and Bernie YOU HAVE NO CHANCE IN HELL!!

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