Daughter of former FBI director James Comey is a prosecutor on the case of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein if you recall recently the footage of his jail cell has gone missing.

Maurene Comey is an assistant US attorney in the Southern District of New York, coincidence? I didn’t think so!

How the hell does she get this case? Just several years out of law school and she not only gets the US Attorney position but also gets the highest-profile case 3 years later? Her father that’s how! Things are definitely not adding up. I would think a more senior attorney would handle such a case, especially if it were connected to MOSSAD.

James Comey's Daughter Inspected Missing Epstein Suicide Footage 2 Comey

The corruption in the united states has become so blatant that people who aren’t brainwashed are sick and tired of it. This shit has got to stop. Where are the checks and balances for the justice system? Or are they just above the law?

Maurene also donated money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and marched with her mother in the women March the day after Trump’s inauguration. Given the relationships around Epstein, how is this not a conflict of interest?

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