The 3 Stages of Life

Billions of people go through life without realizing how they live it on a daily basis. In doing so, there are negatives that will transpire leading us to ask questions about how to handle them. Questions such as; What didn’t we do right? Where do we go from here? How do we live now? Why am I here? How did it get like this? What can we do to make it better? I thought I handled this? Just so many questions.

These unexpected transitions then become expected if not dealt with properly. Dealing with these variations correctly is imperative to living a better life internally, which will undoubtedly illuminate, especially if they aren’t handled correctly.


Many of us have had those things we can’t get past, the parental issues with mom or dad, that relationship we won’t let go of, & of course, the what-if scenarios that drain us. My family always told me if you live in the past, you will stay in the past. They were right! For so long I dealt with those conditions and never knew how to withdraw my energy and mind apart from them.
Like with many things it takes time.

You sometimes never know if you’re going to stop thinking about certain things, having shit weigh on you simply because you don’t know how to get passed it. It’s very similar to what an addict goes through. We never look at how it harms us or what the effects of the stress can eventually cause.
Hate breeds in the emptiness of the one that harbors it filling the void left dark by another. You must never allow your hate to slow you down.
Regression usually is a negative thing but can also be something positive, only if it’s temporary.

When a person regresses it can be good to backtrack and see why we are where we are. In addition, addressing these steps that lead us up to this point can begin to fix those problems so it doesn’t happen again.


Perhaps the worst of the 3 stages is indeed stagnation. It’s the limbo or the purgatory of life some people never escape. When you have no growth and refuse to do anything about it, it can create toxicity within your mind. The toxicity created will eat you from the inside out. The root of the problem is never faced.

The continuation of a circumstance or circumstances without processing will inevitably lead to critical stagnation and an intense lack of inspiration. Lack of inspiration builds up like a clogged artery that prevents follow through with the processing.
Bitterness is highlighted throughout the entire scope of this stage.

No matter what happens, appreciation of anything is gone. There can be no positives, just unsubstantiated justifications. Listening to advice or taking your own is poison to your state of mind. Bitterness is indeed the exact opposite of joy.

Whatever your belief in God is, make sure your God is a great one, he will help you heal. God is always listening, and he is always answering even when you think he isn’t. Trust the process. God will save you.


With life, mistakes are inevitable and sometimes needed, but the evolution of the person in their adversity is mandatory for succeeding in living a joyful life. Many people strive for happiness and in my opinion its a mistake. Happiness is temporary, it’s temperamental. Why live like that?

We should strive for joy every day, its a way of being. That takes acceptance, time, processing, appreciation, and understanding.
Adaptation is the ultimate key to progressing. People talk about change all the time, but people don’t change, things change. In this state of mind, we make the present essential and meaningful. Progression is only accomplished when we’ve conquered those demons. The present keeps us intact with reality. With each day of processing & trusting it, hurdles will be leaped and progress will be achieved.

Love is crucial here, you must love yourself initially, only then are you able to love someone else. Love can be a conscious thought and act of putting the joy and well-being of others before oneself unconditional in its truest form. That love you have for yourself may cause people to not like you. Your strength reminds them of their weakness. It’s easier to judge them back, but remember you were there once before. Humility matters, dignity can be a foundation but too much pride isn’t always a good thing.

Final Thought

Helping yourself today will start the process to save you tomorrow.

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