Pope Francis has been in another headline yet again, yet another controversy dealing with changing the church’s tradition. The controversy here is whether they will allow married priests to be ordained as Catholic priests opposed to just laymen.

They are proposing to authorize this in specific areas such as South America where there aren’t many priests.

They are focusing on 9 countries in South America which includes Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, and Suriname. Catholics in the region often go months or longer without seeing a priest and receiving the sacraments during Mass or going to confession.

The church proposal also talks about the role women might play in the region as well. While the document says “the kind of official ministry” for women is “still to be identified,” it says there is “a proposal to guarantee them their leadership.” This is controversial because many traditionalists don’t believe women should hold a leadership role, especially when saying mass.

I’ve spoken to many people about if they would feel comfortable with a woman becoming a priest and or saying mass, about 60% said they don’t believe it’s a good thing. I’ve said that I’m not opposed to allowing nuns to say mass, I welcome that, I experienced some of it the other day by the little sisters of the poor and it was really good.

This meeting will take place in October and it should be interesting to see what their final decisions will be. It should be pointed out that celibacy is a tradition and not a doctrine. There have been talks about many other groups of bishops and priests holding meetings like this in the future to decide whether priests can marry in Germany and the goal for some to extend it globally.

Antichrist Pope Francis?

I’ve said before, this Pope is horrible, he’s satanic he’s anti-Christian. Advancing the church is one thing but changing it to your own liking, while trying to play God is insane. This criticism has nothing to with the above subject, but he as 0 respect from me.

Recently he was warned that bishops and priests wanted to remove him from his position due to acts of heresy and claims that he is evil. Here is a list of things they came up with and some I’ve added that I deem heretic and evil. I retrieved this information in a piece that I posted earlier.

Acts of Heresy? (*charges)

  • Does protecting child molesters count as heresy?
  • Why would you give the Chinese government the ability to select bishops? (*)
  • What about when Pope Francis said, “there is no hell”?
  • What were you doing walking with a satanic ritual staff at a ceremony in 2018? (*)
  • How about when he wanted to change the Lord’s prayer and change the words in Our Father?
  • Any pope or man that says pray to me and constantly preaches he is God is a blasphemy, isn’t he?
  • If homosexuality is something the church does not condone and you represent the church and teach the teachings of the Bible why would you welcome it? (*)
  • Why and how did you supposedly rehabilitate former Cardinal Edgar McCarrick who you’ve defrocked because he’s a pedophile? (*)
  • Why do you continuously allow for divorced and remarried people to receive communion? (*)
  • He was also asked when you died what happens to the soul, his response was “it just vanishes”, are you kidding me that’s 100% blasphemy and if you believe that why did you take the position? Something is up here and it’s rotten and evil.

What are your thoughts?

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