Harvey Weinstein was just convicted on 2 out of 5 counts, one on the criminal sexual act in the 1st degree and rape in the 3rd degree. It’s a good day that people like this will eventually pay for their sins.

The two counts commission of a criminal sexual act in the 1st degree & rape in the 3rd degree are each tied to a specific allegation made by Mimi Haley & Jessica Mann

He was acquitted on the 2 counts that could have sent him to prison for life, too bad that doesn’t happen, and those were predatory sexual assault, signaling the jury didn’t believe Annabella Sciorra. The jury was comprised of 7 men and 5 women who took five days to deliberate.

Keep in mind that Harvey Weinstein has been indicted on four counts of felony sexual assault in Los Angeles, he has those charges to face still as well. There have been almost a hundred women who have come forward so far accusing Weinstein of inappropriate misconduct.

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