Geraldo Rivera is certainly catching flack for a tweet he sent out this morning regarding a serial child procurer in Ghislaine Maxwell.

Yesterday President Trump spoke about Ghislaine Maxwell at a briefing on Tuesday. The event was meant to be the first of his new daily Coronavirus updates, which had been discontinued.

I just wish her well, frankly, I’ve met her numerous times over the years, especially since I lived in Palm Beach and I guess they lived in Palm Beach… but I wish her well, whatever it is.

President Trump’s response on Ghislaine Maxwell

Geraldo came to the President’s bizarre defense after a statement he made on Ghislaine Maxwell in a press briefing. He was “brave” to offer well wishes to accused sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell.

And Rivera didn’t stop there, saying the pre-trial detention of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged procurer of underage girls is just “woke politics.”

Questions for Geraldo Rivera!

Now it seems as if Gerald I Rivers may be arguing that Ghislaine’s more recent crimes don’t exist, and she should be off the hook because you should be able to get away with sex trafficking if they don’t catch you in the first 25 years after you do it. Am I wrong? Is all this out of context?

Regardless, if Rivera does believe that, the law is not on his side. Sexual battery of a minor under the age of 16 has no statute of limitations in Florida.

Maxwell has been indicted for multiple counts of sex trafficking of minors. Numerous victims have come forward to testify against her but he’s concerned about her image in the press?

Are President Trump and Geraldo Rivera support Ghislaine Maxwell with their comments? Two men who know her, knew Epstein and they wish her well, are they involved? Too early to tell. Does their approach make them look bad? Yes, not to mention it comes off as some type of approval of her Guilt.

If she’s innocent of facilitating child rape, then why was she hiding out in a remote New Hampshire town?

Geraldo Rivera - Ghislaine Maxwell is a Victim of "Woke Politics" 2 geraldo rivera

They, the deep state, are going to have her die of something. She’s facing a long time in prison, so she has nothing to lose. They have everything to lose. If I were her I’d look at coffins right now. Prisons are full of COVID 19 now. Very convenient. Then a blood clot. Who is involved? I don’t care just tell the absolute truth in everyone.

I pray to God President Trump isn’t involved with Epstein and Maxwell’s dealings with children and has never done anything, it would crush me especially as much of an advocate as I’ve been for him.

Geraldo Responds

Perhaps Geraldo’s tweet was coming from a criminal justice perspective.

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