U.S. prosecutors charge Gregory Craig, a prominent corporate lawyer and former adviser to Democratic presidents, with making false statements and concealing information about his firm’s work on behalf of Ukraine.

Craig is the first notable Democrat charged with anything dealing with the Russian investigation by Mueller. He has been indicted on crimes that took place after he left the White House while he was working with none other than Mr. Paul Manafort.

Regardless of that bull shit investigation, not one person is above the law, not Greg Craig, not Michael Cohen, not Michael Flynn, Trump, Hillary, Obama or Bush. Lying to federal investigators is a big deal and so is committing war crimes. They all need to be charged.

The Mueller investigation should have been about those who break the law and those who do not. Justice should be bound right? It should never have been partisan whatsoever, by bitter people who couldn’t have taken a loss that was fair and square. These people that are elected to get their duties to the people they are supposed to serve, but they move their focus on who can serve them and what they can get paid if they do anything.

Anyone of any party that breaks the law is enemies of the people and the state and have no regard for the United Tates Constitution they supposed to honor. The time for dirty people in this country is up, whether on the left, right somewhere in between or on either far side of the political spectrum. You will be held accountable, and the only way that is accomplished is by absolute truth and facts, not by yours or mine.

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