Several hours ago on twitter, filmmaker Michael Moore slammed Los Angeles police Chief Michael Moore after making controversial comments about property protesters and looters in regards to George Floyd’s death.

But this fat ass piece of shit just advocated for the protesters in Minneapolis to “demolish” the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd Police Precinct headquarters, accuses “White Minnesota” of telling the world that it’s “OK” to “murder” black people, and calls for open “revolt.” This is just as bad and he claims President Trump incites violence what the hell is this? Typical Liberal hypocrisy!

Thursday night Moore cheered on the “good citizens” for “burning down the evil police precinct,” demanded that “all police should go home,” and suggested that race should determine who is allowed in the police department. These people are oblivious to their own bull shit.

Captain Michael Moore

If you ever wanted to see a window into the mindset of some really bad police culture in America, just listen to LAPD Chief Michael Moore’s comments tonight. There are people in authority who view themselves as an occupying army fighting an insurgency, whether it’s Comey’s band of hacks in the FBI or the local authorities who disregard the constitution. Many of these people who have the perspective that power creates invincibility are somehow allowed to take “oaths” to protect and “ensure” our rights as individuals merely see us as sub-human scum.

Chief Michael Moore said that the death of George Floyd was in the hands of the protestors and looters. With that attitude of contempt and sheer dishonesty, he views the people of LA as enemies to be disregarded.

Moore later returned to the mic and said he misspoke in saying “blood was on [looters] hands” and that he regrets the remarks but won’t apologize to those “creating this destruction.”

But we know he meant what he said the first time. What exactly did he mean to say? I’m not sure he quite understands what the word “misspoke” means.

He thinks America and the communities in Los Angeles have forgotten that the LAPD has been an institution that has brutalized the black community for decades. They would have just as soon murdered George Floyd themselves had they had the opportunity to, and carried on as they’ve always done.

I would love it if someone would investigate the number of complaints of police brutality in the LAPD under Chief Moore. Apparently, the community is responsible when cops murder innocent people.

In order to change things in this country, police departments must be willing to look at themselves in the mirror and admit that they are the problem at times. Scapegoating protesters will not solve the problem of racism. Both Michael’s can kiss my ass, especially that fat ass.

RIP George Floyd and May God Bless all the protesters who truly want change and are using their 1st Amendment right.

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