Warren, the U.S. senator from Massachusetts, now holds a 2-percentage-point lead, with 22% of likely Democratic caucusgoers saying she is their first choice for president. It is the first time she has led in the Register’s poll. 

Former Vice President Biden, who had led each of the Register’s three previous 2020 cycle polls, follows her at 20%. Sanders, the U.S. senator from Vermont, has fallen to third place with 11%.  

No other candidate has reached double digits. This makes this the first major shakeup since this race has started.

Warren: 22%
Biden: 20%
Sanders: 11%
Buttigieg: 9%
Harris: 6%
Booker: 3%
Klobuchar: 3%
Gabbard: 2%
O’Rourke: 2%
Steyer: 2%
Yang: 2%

“Among those who say [Warren] is their 1st choice, only 12% say their minds are made up, while 88% say they could be persuaded to support another candidate. … 26% [of Biden supporters] say their mind is made up, with 70% saying they could be persuaded.”

Let them eat themselves and see what it gets us. I could see if Warren won the primary Hillary could possibly become her running mate or Bernie.

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