In a recent CNN poll, it concluded that 51% of Americans say the Senate should vote to convict President Trump and remove him from office, 45% of the people believe he should not be removed.

There are more numbers that aim for clarity in the entire process of this cluster with 69% of people in this poll saying the Senate trial should feature new witnesses while other numbers bury the president’s innocence with an astounding 58% who say Trump abused his power, how they came to that conclusion ill never know honestly, and finally it ends with 57% saying he obstructed House impeachment inquiry.

I find this number odd especially since the approval rating of the president has hit 51% yet just only 51% say they want him out?.

They must’ve polled people from their entire staff which would be way more insightful to the fact that actual brainwashing goes on there. This poll means nothing as the 2016 general election has proved how wrong they were. Were they really asking people who vote or people who give their opinions and never vote but want a say with zero action?

One thing about these polls is that they aren’t broken down state by state. For good or bad, we are still bound by the electoral college so what really matters are the numbers in battleground states because polling a high number of people in a blue state for a blue initiative doesn’t matter and the same goes for polls who do the same thing with red issues.

This poll is irrelevant since he won’t be removed, and will definitely win re-election by a landslide, and by 2022 this country will be on its way to prosperity away from these evil forces in both parties where history will show how great his presidency has been for the country and there will be no denying it. By 2024 he will go down as the goat as long the corrupt forces don’t get to him like the military-industrial complex. Here’s hoping for the best.

Keep trying CNN you look desperate as shit.

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