• -Donald J. Trump- Is He A Gangster? Yes 2 Hillary Clinton

    -Donald J. Trump- Is He A Gangster? Yes

    What Makes a Gangster? A gangster usually has tremendous clout (hidden & seen), money, resources and contacts at the push of a button. Respect is earned by name, intimidation, favors and perhaps other ways such as fear from all levels…

  • A New America For President Trump 8 Hillary Clinton

    A New America For President Trump

    There is a new Washington for President Trump after last nights democratic win of the house. The Democrats won as many of 32 seats and could potentially reach a total of 36 seats. While Republicans maintain a majority in the…

  • Second Las Vegas Shooter? 03/06/2019 9 Hillary Clinton

    Second Las Vegas Shooter? 03/06/2019

    Listen after the terrible events of last years shooting, the police have finally come out and released their findings into the Las Vegas shootings. The supposed “lone shooter” was Stephen Paddock who fired out his Mandalay Bay hotel room window…

  • Vatican

    The Devil Is In The Vatican?

    If you’ve paid attention since Pope Francis has become Pope, he has had a tremendous effect on world leadership. However, he has gone above and beyond any Pope that I have seen to change the church by what he says…

  • Politics

    ?Trump's Supreme Court ?

    Huge news this past weekend, and a tremendous victory for privacy rights. On Friday, June 22nd, 2018, the long-awaited outcome in Carpenter v. the United States was decided. The Supreme Court of the United States held 5-4 that police need…

  • Politics

    Operation Broken Heart?

    Operation Broken Heart has been underway for the past several months. This operation entailed a highly targeted sting to trap sex offenders, traffickers and pedophiles. According to the Department of Justice, this sting took place during the months of March,…