Pastors at the Claremont United Methodist Church, located about 30 miles east of Los Angeles, shared the images on Facebook, depicting Jesus, Mary and Joseph as a family separated at the border and caged.

I understand where they are coming from, but using this type of Christian display as a way to speak out against the president’s administration’s past policy is almost blasphemous. You got people talking so mission accomplished, but this draws a negative light especially since you’re using a portrayal of a massive biblical event as a political prop.

California Methodist Church Displays Jesus, Mary & Joseph Locked Behind Cages as Political Props 1 Jesus

I can’t speak for the lord, nor will I try, but as a man of faith I think there were other ways to get your point across, this just wasn’t the way you do it. The administration’s policy continued Obama’s and Bush’s practice to separate families who entered the country illegally at the U.S.-Mexico border.

However, the difference was the zero-tolerance policy which amped up the separation of families, and since the previous administration didn’t have that harsh of a policy, there aren’t any numbers to detail how bad it was.

“I can totally see it being controversial,” said Reverend Karen Clark Ristine, who is the new pastor at Claremont United Methodist. “I knew about that before I was assigned to come here and I was excited about it.”

If they want to take stances as individuals I have no problem but we have laws that separate church and state and this mixes both of those. Yet, Ristine doesn’t see it as a political statement, but many who posted on her Facebook page disagree.

California Methodist Church Displays Jesus, Mary & Joseph Locked Behind Cages as Political Props 3 Jesus

Your goal was to be political yet you don’t see it as political? How the fuck does that work or even make any sense?

I tell people this all the time, you don’t play with Jesus Christ, you don’t play with prayer because once you do, you disrespect the lord. Haven’t you ever heard someone say, ‘God please don’t let ____ be at work today’? More than likely you have, and they’re messing with prayer, he listens and he knows the intent, you’re using and wanting him to use his power negatively.

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