More than 540 million Facebook records, including comments, likes, reactions and account names, were exposed to the public on Amazon cloud servers by two third-party applications. All this was going on until it was discovered by a cybersecurity firm. The firm found that third-party Facebook apps were allowed to store 146 gigabytes of the information mentioned above and store 22,000 unprotected passwords.

When is the final straw going to be the final straw? I’m sick of Facebook being able to do what whatever they want and receiving 0 punishment for their crimes. The crimes that have been committed are unethical and have 0 respect for the greatest constitution in the history of the world. These people who run these companies need to be charged with crimes against the American public especially since they disregard what the law says. I don’t care what permissions I give an application my information is never to be misused.

Breaking News: Facebook & Amazon Allowed 540 Million Records To Be Exposed 1 Exposed

It pisses me off when people say, “who cares? I have nothing to hide” but that’s not the point, the Constitution protects you by giving you a choice. We are behaving like fools if we don’t realize and acknowledge to ourselves that our so-called “privacy” is not private! For those people, it becomes the norm and gives them more credence to say another day, another report of Facebook mishandling user data.

Us as users deserve greater respect over our data that they give away in return for “free” services making billions off of it.

These are social control tools and I’m beginning to think its a conspiracy, especially because both Amazon and Facebook have contracts with the CIA. The CIA needs to be shut down immediately along with Facebook. The cybersecurity firm that discovered this lapse even notified Amazon and Facebook but they never responded or took an initiative to fix anything until yesterday. They were warned in January.

I ask for the final time, please President Trump put a stop to these wrongdoings by these careless companies. The American people can no longer have their rights violated at the expense and disregard of our Bill of Rights that are guaranteed to us by the United States Constitution. As Ron Paul has famously said, “if you sacrifice liberty for security, you will lose both.”

Breaking News: Facebook & Amazon Allowed 540 Million Records To Be Exposed 2 Exposed

An interesting turn of events that has me completely baffled as of this morning is that the top tech companies including from Facebook, Microsoft, and Google are against Amazon selling face recognition technology to law enforcement. That’s ridiculously fishy since they all work together in some way anyway. But if they are sincere about protecting peoples “rights” (lies?) and everyone from workers to civil society to the technical experts are raising the alarms about the danger of big brother, it’s time to listen even more.

Everyone, there are severe high risks increasing due to the mishandling and misguidance of Artifical Intelligence. Right now, it may not disturb us like an Equifax leak that should have, but such small pieces will grow once they keep being fed opposed to being eaten. As a libertarian, I am against regulation but damn it something needs to happen and President Trump and Congress need to act fast. What should we do?

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