Bill Hemmer has been named the permanent anchor of Fox News’ 3 p.m. ET timeslot, which will be named Bill Hemmer Reports. Hemmer replaces Shepard Smith in the 3 p.m. hour. Smith departed the network on Oct. 11 of this year and is not able to go somewhere else until his clause is up.

Moreover, Hemmer will become the network’s breaking news anchor, a title also most recently held by Smith.

For ten years er worked for the competing network, CNN, from 1995 – 2005, Hemmer served as co-anchor of CNN’s American Morning and anchor of both CNN Live Today and CNN Tonight.

Hemmer has co-anchored America’s Newsroom since its inception in 2009, teaming with names like Megyn Kelly, Shannon Bream, Martha MacCallum and most recently Smith over the past 10 years.

As a journalist, l am extremely grateful for this opportunity. 2020 will undoubtedly be a year of great significance,” Hemmer said in a statement. “Leading our breaking news division with a signature hour has enormous value to me, personally, and to our audience. We’ve got a fantastic team here and I am excited to get to work.

Bill Hemmer

Hammer has always been a favorite of mine and I’m looking forward to seeing him in a more significant role for the News Network.

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