After Tuesday’s Democratic primary debate a Twitter war broke out between Bernie Sanders and Liz Cheney daughter of former Vice President, Dick Cheney. Things got real personal real quick.

Bernie Sanders is defending democratic foe Elizabeth Warren after she said she would never use a nuclear weapon unless one was used first against us. Warren said the policy would help minimize misunderstandings by foreign adversaries of U.S. intentions, preventing an accidental catastrophe.

Well, Liz Cheney was not fond of those remarks and immediately went “nuclear” on warden’s proposed policy, this was even a policy the Obama administration declined. Liz Cheney currently sits on the House Armed Services Committee which as a libertarian is not favorable since she has views like her father.

Cheney fired shots and asked warren how many people she’s willing to risk to get hit first with a nuclear bomb before she strikes?

Sanders chimed and returned “fire” going personal, “Taking national security advice from a Cheney has already caused irreparable damage to our country,” Sanders tweeted. “We don’t need anymore, thanks.” Ouch!!!

But Liz deflected the comments saying Bernie’s issues are “daddy issues” with her father and called him a “commie”.

Did you think it was over? Nope not yet because Alexandria Ocasio Cortez chimed in and poured gasoline on the twitter war “*Liz Cheney* of all people tries to offer foreign policy takes, as if an entire generation hasn’t lived through the Cheneys sending us into war since we were kids.” Damn!!!

What are your thoughts?

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