I’m back with a review of another food truck I just happened to drive by in Independence, Missouri heading away from the independence Center.

I second guess myself a few times before I ended up doing a u-turn through several parking lots, it’s located in the AutoZone parking lot off 39th Street.


A Food Truck Review: Tacontento 2 Food truck

Food: The truck was a Mexican food truck selling items such as tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and birria dishes with standard proteins such as steak and chicken to vegetarian items like cactus and mushrooms.

To get a good gist of what kind of flavors TACONTENTO offered I thought it was necessary that I try several different items and I believed tacos would be the easiest route to go with.

I was extremely intrigued about the cactus as most places do not serve this because it can be difficult to make as odd as that seems.

I bought four tacos for a fair price of $2.75 a piece, carne asada (steak), pastor (marinated pork), pollo (chicken), and nopales (cactus).

A Food Truck Review: Tacontento 3 Food truck

Staff: When I first approached the truck two staff members were eating themselves, a good sign right? With one staff member who was awaiting customers inside the truck.

They were extremely nice and very easy to approach as I was inquiring about the food they served. The man who was inside the truck was Guatemalan, while the two women I believe were Mexican.

They asked if I was Hispanic and I informed them I myself was Mexican American and Puerto Rican an was curious about what was the best thing to eat there. They recommended several things to me with one of them being a Mexican stuffed baked potato which I have never heard of in my life, sadly I did not try it, but it certainly got my attention.

Customers: When I first pulled up there was nobody there, but there was a man who pulled up just like I did who just happened to see the truck and was curious about trying it. As we waited for our food about six cars pulled up with about twenty people lining up to try the truck. Very good sign?

While I’m not sure If all of them had previously eaten from the food truck they seem to know what they wanted without hesitation.

Taste: The carne asada which I don’t ever get anywhere because it’s typically hard or gristlely was very good and had a very nice flavor and texture.

A Food Truck Review: Tacontento 4 Food truck

While the pastor and the chicken were an even better flavor differentiating themselves from one another which I truly appreciate at any location that sells food. It gives everything its own identity.

Remember the part where I mentioned cactus can be tricky, which is why a lot of people don’t sell it? This cactus was no different here as it was slimy and did not have a good texture or flavor.

If cactus is not treated properly it becomes almost like okra where you have to rinse it off several different times because it can become very slimy and not do your pallet any favors. I do not recommend the cactus tacos.

The tacos were served with several tasty grilled jalapenos and onions alongside their very flavorful salsas, one green and one red.

Do I Recommend?

Yes I Do!

(Every experience will never be the exact same for somebody else. Taste buds are subjective as are experiences and this is my story.)

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