According to Page Six, some elderly person shit right next to the Clinton’s who were in New York watching the “Some Like It Hot” play, the irony.

There has been mixed reports as some people had said it was a one-off event, while other staffers say people defecating in the theater has happened on multiple occasions.

A question that should be asked is, if this is a common occurrence why are people going there?

Both Clintons stayed for the second act of the play at the Shubert Theater, per one of Page Six’s sources.

Hear Me Out Clinton

Apparently this incident didn’t phase the Clinton’s as it was within eyesight and in the same aisle, my question is if it’s human s*** how can you not be phased by it? The smell alone!

Now hear me out for a second, this brings up a conspiracy point that has been talked about forever, the elite are so used to poop, things like this don’t phase them because they have do satanic ritualistic acts with it along with the humiliation aspect that “they” love to see.

When I read this initially and saw that the Clinton’s were not phased by it whatsoever, it’s the first thing that came to mind.

I could be 100% wrong but I could be 100% right no regular person can bear the smell of feces straight up and be okay with it, that’s just my opinion.

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