We are hours away from what may be the biggest anti-climatic raid of all time or one that may be the most significant of all time, Raid Area 51. Last I saw there were 300,000 people going but that was months ago so since then the numbers have jumped all over.

A music festival and an inn owner’s effort to let perhaps 10,000 campers on her property near Area 51 have both been given the final OK by rural Lincoln County.

Area 51 is located in the southern portion of Nevada in the western United States, 83 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas. The surrounding area is a popular tourist destination, including the small town of Rachel, on the “Extraterrestrial Highway.”

With Less Than 24 Hours Raids on Area 51 Will Happen! What are your thoughts? 1 Area 51

Oddly, the airspace around Area 51 in Nevada will be closed to news helicopters and drones tomorrow in anticipation of the “Storm Area 51″ event that started as an online joke but has turned into a potentially “dangerous situation.” I’m sure that was heightened by some people who can’t afford to provide any service to the suspected amount of people coming.

According to the CIA, Area 51 got its name from its map designation. It was also previously referred to as “Paradise Ranch” in order to make the facility sound more appealing to those that would be working there. “Paradise Ranch” was shortened to “the Ranch.”

With Less Than 24 Hours Raids on Area 51 Will Happen! What are your thoughts? 2 Area 51

If you do cross the Area 51 borderline, you will be arrested, or maybe worse, will they tale that chance? I mean apparently, there aren’t any fences surrounding Area 51.

To make things more interesting Bud Light is producing an alien-themed can to share with any alien that escapes Area 51 tomorrow. I knew they were insiders, why waste money on making a can over something that is supposedly denied consistently? Interesting ?

With Less Than 24 Hours Raids on Area 51 Will Happen! What are your thoughts? 3 Area 51

Whatever comes of tomorrow I hope we are given the truth and people really do raid it so we can have just that. Here’s to answers✊

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