Three sources close to Hillary Clinton says she’s talked with them about a possible presidential run in 2020. Name recognition counts for a lot in a country where most people don’t follow politics, perhaps that’s what are shes betting on?

I think people are freaking out too much about a possible HRC 2020 bid. Even if she does run, I don’t see any way she wins the nomination, especially if the DNC can’t rig the damn thing again. I’d go so far as to say she’d make it even more likely that a true progressive will get the nomination. However, with every moron in the mainstream cheerleading for her and lying about her lead with superdelegates like last time, it’s unfortunate and plausible that she might be able to get it.

Think about it, seriously, there are a lot of people that would flood right back to her if she even came close to announcing. I’m not sure she will, but if she did, I think she would automatically be one of the top contenders. She’d get a lot of coverage and it would be similar to a third time is the charm sort of thing like Richard Nixon. Could she even be able to pull it off? But, since the 2016 election, it seems to me that the base is ready for something different.

Joe Biden isn’t anything different, and he’s leading in most polls by a decent margin, not saying that means he’s going to win, but he’s getting buzz and media attention and people are saying they want him. Why? Nobody knows. I don’t think Biden would take the nomination either, for similar reasons.

Harris is the presumptive nominee. Harris checks off more boxes and is more charismatic than old-white-guys like Biden and Bernie, and old-white-gals Hillary and Pocahontas. But can anyone best the Teflon Don at his own game? Who else will she “kill” to get what she needs?

Will the sheep continue to be lead around by their noses? By media that spreads rumors instead of doing actual journalism? Time will tell and I cannot wait for #2020.

Pizzagate is Real!

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