In recent years, the college admissions scandal involving actress Lori Loughlin has shocked the nation. Loughlin, along with several other high-profile individuals, was found guilty of bribing college officials to secure admission for her children. While Loughlin has already faced legal consequences, many argue that her punishment should have been even harsher.

In this article, we will delve into the reasons why Loughlin deserved a more severe penalty and explore the measures that should be put in place nationally to prevent such scandals from occurring again.

The Actions of Lori Loughlin

One of the primary factors justifying a harsher punishment for Loughlin is the sheer magnitude of her deception. By using her wealth and influence to manipulate the college admissions process, she not only denied deserving students a fair chance but also undermined the integrity of the education system. Loughlin’s actions were a blatant disregard for the principles of fairness and equality, and a stronger penalty would have sent a clear message that such behavior cannot be tolerated.

Impact on Society

The repercussions of Loughlin’s actions extend beyond the immediate scandal. The college admissions process, already a highly competitive and stressful experience, has been further tarnished by this scandal. Students and their families now question the legitimacy of the system, eroding trust in higher education institutions.

Why Lori Loughlin Deserved a Harsher Punishment: Preventing Future Scandals 2 Lori Loughlin
Why Lori Loughlin Deserved a Harsher Punishment: Preventing Future Scandals 4

This mistrust can have long-lasting effects on the aspirations and dreams of countless students, as they may feel discouraged from pursuing higher education due to a perceived lack of fairness.

Preventing Future Scandals

In order to prevent similar scandals from happening in the future, it is crucial to implement comprehensive measures at a national level.

Firstly, colleges and universities should establish stricter protocols for admissions, ensuring transparency and fairness. This includes conducting thorough background checks on applicants and their families to identify any potential misconduct. Additionally, colleges should prioritize merit-based admissions, placing less emphasis on legacy and financial contributions.

Furthermore, the creation of an independent oversight body could help monitor and regulate the college admissions process. This body would be responsible for investigating any suspicious activities and ensuring that all admissions decisions are made in accordance with established guidelines. By providing a centralized authority, it would be more difficult for individuals to exploit loopholes and engage in fraudulent behavior.

Education and Awareness

Another crucial aspect of preventing future scandals is raising awareness and educating students, parents, and college officials about the consequences of unethical practices. High schools and colleges should implement ethics courses that emphasize the importance of integrity and fair play. Students need to understand that success should be based on merit and hard work, rather than deceit and privilege.

Why Lori Loughlin Deserved a Harsher Punishment: Preventing Future Scandals 3 Lori Loughlin
Why Lori Loughlin Deserved a Harsher Punishment: Preventing Future Scandals 5


Lori Loughlin’s involvement in the college admissions scandal was a stark reminder of the flaws within the system. While she has already faced legal consequences, it is clear that a harsher punishment would have better reflected the severity of her actions. Moving forward, it is imperative that we implement stricter measures and educate individuals about the importance of ethical behavior. By doing so, we can restore trust in the college admissions process and ensure that every student has an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.

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