Earlier this month President Trump confirmed that Sarah Sanders would be leaving her role as White House press secretary. She is returning to her home state of Arkansas, where he hopes she will run for governor. Sanders hadn’t held a press conference in over a 100 days.

Are you pleased with the job Sarah Sanders did as White House Press Secretary?

Well, the day finally came yesterday and Sarah Sanders stepped away from her position of White House Press Secretary. Sarah Sanders tweeted emotional statement out saying she’s leaving with her “head held high,” among other positive things during her time at 1600 Pennsylvania.

If she does decide to run for governor as her father did, she’ll have an elevated image than she previously had in any public role just by working with the Trump administration.

Being the Press Secretary is an extremely visual position to hold. Sanders has held her ground and shown she’s got your back if she’s with you. She was criticized for her looks, lies, and truth but the criticism was nonstop. Sanders took many shots by people who criticized her fairly or just disliked her because of Trump.

On the issue with her lying it’s not new, its happened for decades, it’s just magnified because who is in the White House. You’re welcome to be in my corner any day Sarah.

The New WH Press Secretary is?

We bid Farewell to Sarah Sanders & Hello to Stephanie Grisham 2 Sarah Sanders

The new press secretary officially starts her new position today, Stephanie Grisham. Grisham was the first lady’s communications director. She is one of few remaining aides who served on the president’s campaign still working in the White House.

This will be Grisham’s real first public position and she’s touted as being tough, intelligent and a hard worker. The real test begins and let’s see how her verbiage with the press corps is and what the frequency will be in having press briefings. How long will she be there? I’m officially intrigued!

Sanders praised Grisham saying, “ “Stephanie will do a phenomenal job. Proud to have another mom and a great friend in this role.”

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