Tyson Foods, Inc. Recalls Chicken Strip Products due to “Possible Foreign Matter Contamination.” Tyson Foods is recalling nearly 70,000 pounds of frozen, ready-to-eat chicken strip products. Consumers are urged to throw away or return products that might be impacted. First plastic, now metal? What is going on?

Tyson is consistently in the news for things like this and I don’t understand how people still buy their frozen products. How are they still being able to run facilities after the number of recalls that continuously happen ? I guess when you have Target, Kroger, Wal-Mart, and Costco to name a few that sell their products it’s not that difficult.

This doesn’t help the chicken that they sell already have millions of bacteria covering them anyway. Take for instance, feces on chicken, researchers use laser imaging to determine the proportion of retail chicken contaminated with fecal matter. What percentage of retail chicken carcasses are contaminated with fecal matter? 92%.

Tyson Chicken Recalls Another 70,000 Pounds? 2 Chicken

Can we trust anything from a US government agency?

Then you can’t even enjoy getting E. coli and salmonella from your fresh produce or hell even going to taco bell or chipotle, consumers can’t win. In the last 2 years more people have died from eating Salads then have been victims of mass shootings.


What’s the point of the FDA or any oversight when it’s not doing the job correctly? What should be done? Subscribe Below!

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