Trophy Hunting In America

It’s appalling that the state of Wyoming has legalized game hunting of Grizzly Bears. The hunters will be allowed to kill up to 23 bears.
For the first time in 40 years, the state of Wyoming will allow hunters to hunt and kill grizzly bears. It’s come after more than a year after federal protection was lost and removed grizzlies off of the endangered species protection act.
This is just as ridiculous as the Trump administration supposedly allowing game hunters to bring elephant parts to the United States as a trophy. African elephant populations were once over 5,000,000 more than a hundred years ago, now the population staggers at a population of just 400,000
Yesterday was also interesting and aggravating for animal rights activists because the trump administration is talking about reversing the Obama ban on baiting brown bears with diverse techniques on some Alaskan lands.
A few of those techniques include bacon and doughnut baiting, hunting bears with dogs, killing wolves and killing black bears in their dens. And for the kicker, using motorboats to shoot swimming caribou, according to NBC News.
Is this not cruel and unusual punishment?
With this administrations Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke’s avid game hunting history, animals and activist beware. He has pushed to be more pro-trophy game hunting and it’s evident. Zinke announced last year that October would be National Hunting & Fishing month. Zinke also went further in his agenda and had the game “Big Buck Hunter” installed at the headquarters of the Interior Department.
Hunting is fine with me as long as you eat it, but killing for sport is not right.
The United States has and supports 6,000 preserves and exotic ranches at country clubs, gun clubs, ranches, etc., for killing animals for sport.


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