Betsy DeVos faced sharp criticism after unveiling $18 million in proposed cuts to the Special Olympics program, which helps children and adults with disabilities. Just think, she owns a yacht that is worth $40 million, 1 helicopter, a private jet and god knows what else. For 1 yacht we could fund Special Olympics and expansion programs.

It’s as if Betsy is the type that thinks children with disabilities should be institutionalized. She has no compassion for those she feels are different than her apparently, that’s just my assessment. Much like a homeless person if she doesn’t see them they won’t exist.

All this should’ve been avoided because it was his administrations proposed a budget in the first place. Let’s be real President Trump should not be seen as a hero in this just that he made the right decision. Nobody deserves to thank you for doing the right thing. This is great, but this is by no means the worst thing in that budget they saved, she is cutting funds for special needs kids across the board. It is disgusting.

People can fuss and make it seem irrelevant about the amount of money but it does matter. Regardless if 90% of Special Olympics funding is through charitable means, the Government funding of 10% is really crucial. There are arguments that if they raised 90%, why can’t they do the same for the remainder 10%? Well, when you have 10% of $200 million or more than 10% becomes a lot more significant in its number than previously thought.

This isn’t Betsy Devos’ fault its Trump’s and his administrations but Devos is a problem. She is the absolute worst person for this job. She has no qualifications, no educational experience, no understanding of what students need, and its apparent the more she stays in this job, l the worse things will get.

This is what president Trump had to say:

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