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    Operation Broken Heart?

    Operation Broken Heart has been underway for the past several months. This operation entailed a highly targeted sting to trap sex offenders, traffickers and pedophiles. According to the Department of Justice, this sting took place during the months of March,…

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    Trumps Hidden Genius

    Whatever tactics that are being psychologically committed by the President of the United States to the world just might be genius. The Process Trump’s international position according to Jeffrey Goldberg is under the umbrella of, “ We’re America Bitch.” His…

  • U.S. Soldier Suicides & More 1 suicide

    U.S. Soldier Suicides & More

    Suicides account for over 1% of all deaths in the United States and are the tenth leading cause of deaths in this country according to Suicidology.org. What the hell is going on here??? I mean seriously WHAT IS HAPPENING! And…

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    American Prisons Numbers

    These Are The Numbers… Since 2015 126,000 prisoners were held in privately operated facilities under the jurisdiction of 29 states and the federal Bureau of Prisons. That’s an 83% increase since 1999, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. The…

  • White Privilege!!! 5 suicide

    White Privilege!!!

    This is an excellent argument against white privilege. All people are born in different circumstances. Yes, some of those are better, yes, some of those are worse, but if you don’t have equal rules that apply to everyone … it…