It’s no secret that Lisa Bloom, daughter of famous attorney Gloria Allred, repped Harvey Weinstein & worked with him to discredit his accusers, she tells us why too. In a new book called, “She Said,” lawyers Lisa Bloom and David Boies emerge as ruthless and soulless advocates on behalf of Weinstein.


But in a bombshell new book by Jodi Kantor, ‘She Said’ we learn just how far Bloom was willing to go to destroy women who were the targets of Weinstein’s predation. In addition to advising Weinstein that they discredit accusers publicly, Lisa Bloom also wrote this in a memo to Weinstein that Kantor obtained:

“You should be the hero of the story, not the villain. This is very doable.”

Rose McGowan Demands Lisa Bloom & David Boies be Disbarred After Book Ties Weinstein, Clinton Supporters & Israel Together 2 Weinstein

I’m not sure if I should be incredibly pissed or not. She was defending her client so I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place. Bloom was so invested in defending Weinstein, so much she was working for $895 an hour to suppress accusations and any further investigations. She went to lengths to destroy Ashley Judd, one of the first actresses to come public and make accusations towards the Hollywood producer, but Bloom came up with a plan to paint Judd as unreliable and mentally unstable.

Lisa Bloom’s efforts to help Weinstein came after she secretly raised at least $700 thousand from Hillary Clinton supporters to try to coax women to air new allegations against Trump. The efforts failed, but Bloom still kept $200 thousand from a David Brock organization.

McGowan was outraged by the lengths Bloom and team were willing to discredit her taking to twitter to respond saying, “The evil that was perpetrated on me and others was mind-bending and illegal. Lisa Bloom should be disbarred.”

Bloom told the Weinstein she could “help you against the Roses of the world because I have represented so many of them,” according to excerpts of the book “She Said: Breaking the Sexual Harassment Story That Helped Ignite a Movement.”

“We can place an article re her becoming increasingly unglued,” Bloom wrote about McGowan. “So that when someone Googles her this is what pops up and she’s discredited.”


David Boies is probably most well known for defending the former vice president Al Gore then-presidential candidate in front of the Supreme Court in Bush v Gore to decide the winner of the election and the man who stopped Microsoft’s billion-dollar monopoly.

He’s come under fire especially because he apparently was working with Black Cube which is an Israeli spy firm that would collect dirt on Weinstein’s accusers and prevent anyone from going forward and use blackmail against the victims to protect the sick producer.

This book also shows emails from Boies’ time representing Weinstein, in which the two men chat about potential movie roles for the lawyer’s daughter, the Times reports. Boies says he has “no regrets” in how he did things.


Boies and Bloom have attempted to bleach their tarnished images by representing some of the women who accused Jeffrey Epstein of molesting them when they were underage. Lisa Bloom used women to get rich it seems and she played both sides only caring about the next case, they ended a serial abuser.

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