Alan Dershowitz seems to look guiltier and guiltier as time goes on regarding his alleged involvement with the victims of Jeffrey Epstein.

According to reports from The Sunday Times, Dershowitz asked former President Trump to pardon the now convicted sex trafficker and abuser Ghislaine Maxwell ahead of her trial.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s brother, Ian Maxwell, gave an interview to the outlet claiming, “There was one phone call between Professor Dershowitz and a family member during which the generic issue of pardons was touched on,” explaining that his family never once paid Dershowitz for his services nor asked him to talk about the matter with President Trump.

Dershowitz has denied lobbying Trump for a pardon.

“I have no comment on what anybody else said,” he told Insider. “All I can tell you is that the [Times of London] story, the allegation of the story that I lobbied the president, is simply not true.”

Is Alan Dershowitz Guilty of his crimes?

Alan Dershowitz ‘s Presumption of Innocence Out the Window?

There’s no doubt throughout his career Alan Dershowitz has proven himself to be a genius in the field of law, but there is zero doubt in my mind that something looks rotten with his repeated involvement surrounding Epstein, Maxwell, their co-conspirators and their victims.

Alan Dershowitz is accused of sexual assault by Epstein victim Virginia Giuffre.

Dershowitz has denied all claims he had inappropriate relations with the then-teenage victim. Giuffre has consistently claimed Epstein trafficked her to Dershowitz at least six times, the first incident taking place when she was just 16 years old.

Let’s not forget Dershowitz is the man who got Epstein his controversial plea deal in 2008 regarding Epstein’s sex offenses with underage girls. That plea deal would allow Epstein to come and go as he pleased for 13 months enabling him to continue his abuse and trafficking during his prison sentence.

Because how in the f*!” does a convicted sex offender get a deal that makes him a free man during his prison sentence? It takes people in high places who in my opinion have tons to lose to repay a debt to protect their own asses that’s how, I mean Alex Acosta…I’ll leave it at that.

According to CNBC, Dershowitz would visit Epstein in prison during his sentence chalking it up to, “I always visit clients in prison. We discuss legal issues. It was not a personal visit. It was professional.”

It clearly comes off as if Dershowitz is trying to use his name, skill and power to gain leverage at all costs to cover his ass, maybe he truly is guilty of everything Giuffre has claimed.

The BBC Royally Dropping The Ball!

Moreover, just weeks ago Dershowitz was asked to give impartial legal analysis on the BBC regarding Maxwell’s trial and he did not do that, he attacked Giuffre.

The BBC did not look good either considering they intentionally did not inform their viewers he was suspected of the abuse allegations from an Epstein victim prior to giving his on air “impartial analysis” on Maxwell’s conviction.

The BBC released a statement through its press team’s Twitter after severe backlash from it’s audience, stating that the Dershowitz interview “did not meet the BBC’s editorial standards… Dershowitz was not a suitable person to interview as an impartial analyst and we did not make the relevant background clear to our audiences.”

Not a surprising response since the BBC rarely covers anything regarding Epstein, Maxwell, the co-conspirators or their victims. It probably has something to do with Giuffre who’s also accused Prince Andrew of sexual abuse multiple times in great detail, which doesn’t help the image of the country or it’s figureheads, Prince Andrew has denied all allegations.

This entire lineage of horrible events along with the company Epstein and Maxwell sought and kept with people from Dershowitz, Trump, Clinton, Barr and everyone who’s known and unknown just oozes of evil filth.

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