Multiple reports out of Peru report that the country’s former president Alan Garcia shot himself after police arrived at his Lima home to arrest him in connection with a bribery investigation. Local media say he has been taken to hospital. A lawyer for Alan Garcia confirms the former Peruvian president did shoot himself before being detained by police amid the allegations.

Garcia, 69, is now undergoing surgery for the self-inflicted gunshot wound and there are some reports he has had 3 incidents of cardiac arrests and then been revived. I don’t think he’s going to be so keen on living again if he does indeed survive.

According to Jo-Marie Burt, “he has also managed to avoid Peru’s sweeping investigations into human rights violations during his first government when he gave the military a blank check to murder suspected insurgents which resulted in mass human rights violations against non-combatant civilians. García’s government ministers, senior military officials, soldiers, and even civilian members of his APRA party have been investigated & prosecuted for human rights. But Peru’s justice system has failed to reckon with Alan Garcia’s criminal responsibility for human rights crimes.” More to come on this story.

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