An international group of clergy and scholars have published an open letter to the world’s bishops demonstrating the reasons why they believe Pope Francis is guilty of the canonical crime of heresy.

The open letter not only accuses Pope Francis of “the crime of heresy” but asks bishops to declare “he has freely deprived himself of the papacy” if he persists. “A heretical papacy may not be tolerated or dissimulated to avoid a worse evil.”

It must be noted that this letter was issued on the feast of Saint Catherine of Siena who was not afraid to speak out to bishops and popes when they were wrong. I applaud these theologians for having the courage to speak out. This isn’t the first time this has been brought up either, this goes back to 2016.

It’s not that they don’t like Pope Francis. It’s that they think some of what he says strays from the truth of the apostolic faith, but I believe much of what he’s done is blasphemous. I have a few questions to ask myself along with heresy accusations the authors claimed in their public letter.

Below is a list of my questions and their (*) some of their claims of heresy against Pope Francis.

Acts of Heresy?

  • Does protecting child molesters count as heresy?
  • Why would you give the Chinese government the ability to select bishops? (*)
  • What about when Pope Francis said, “there is no hell”?
  • What were you doing walking with a satanic ritual staff at a ceremony in 2018? (*)
  • How about when he wanted to change the lord’s prayer?
  • Any pope or man that says pray to me and constantly preaches it is a blasphemer isn’t he?
  • If homosexuality is something the church does not condone and you represent the church and teach the teachings of the Bible why would you welcome it? (*)
  • Why and how did you supposedly rehabilitate former Cardinal Edgar McCarrick who you’ve defrocked because he’s a pedophile? (*)
  • Why do you continuously allow for divorced and remarried people to receive communion? (*)
  • He was also asked when you died what happens to the soul, his response was “it just vanishes”, are you kidding me that’s 100% blasphemy and if you believe that why did you take the position? Something is up here and it’s rotten and evil.

Something to ponder also is whether he takes these stances because he wants to appeal more liberal to “help” the church or does he truly believe in these things for his own benefit? If so why would you take the throne?

Saint Malachy predicted that Pope Francis would be the last pope and said that the last Pope would destroy the church. Mother Teresa once said, “God does not ask us to be successful, he asks us to be faithful.”

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