First and foremost I would simply like to say all these predictions are solely based on if the defense can move up at least ten spots from last year. I say that wearily especially since Spagnuolo’s defenses the past four times as defensive coordinator came in 32,32,31 and 32 in the NFL.

With that said, the way I see this season going is the that Chiefs will make tremendous progress as a team with the players we have, an organization in the front office and for their fans getting an ultimate reward they’ve been waiting on.

Patrick Mahomes will win the NFL MVP award again and I see him going further and taking that Super Bowl MVP award as well.

Will the Kansas City Chiefs Win the AFC Championship?

Mahomes will be the first quarterback ever in NFL history, in 2019, to have Bary Bonds numbers, minus the juice. With the defense expected to be much better than last year, god willing, he should receive more playing time and have time to throw 71 touchdowns, 6,000+ yards, with 19 interceptions and a 76% completion rate.

With these numbers I expect the Chiefs to win their division going 14-2 and defeating the Chargers in the AFC Championship. The Chargers will only be there if the Chargers are healthy and have Melvin Gordon.

Look forward to the Chiefs advancing to their first Super Bowl in 50 years and defeating the Seattle Seahawks for their Second Championship in franchise history.

Will the Kansas City Chiefs Win Super Bowl 54?

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