Mark Epstein the brother and only kin of Jeffery Epstein who is set to inherit $500,000,000 from Epstein’s estate, has been concerned for his safety along with many others regarding the apparent “suicide” by his brother.

Mark has constantly asked federal authorities to investigate the mysterious hanging of the sex trafficker, but claims they have not fully done their job.

Mark Epstein who has not been able to obtain the EMS or hospital report, decided to hire a forensic pathologist, Dr. Michael Baden, to oversee his brother’s autopsy confirming suspicions most people knew.

Baden, 85, has participated in 20,000 autopsies among some of the country’s most infamous death investigations, including the congressional inquiry into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, take that as you will.

Pathologist Hired By Jeffery Epstein's Brother Says Death “Points to Homicide” 2 Epstein

Dr. Baden’s findings found that the evidence discovered does not support findings concluding that Epstein killed himself, saying in 50 years he’s never seen injuries like the ones Epstein experienced in suicidal hangings, where three bones were broken in an alleged suicide by hanging. Baden also added that there were hemorrhages in Epstein’s eyes that are also more common in strangulation than in hangings.

Baden has been critical of the processing of Epstein’s death particularly with the medical examiner, Barbar Sampson, whose findings she is sticking by, but Baden refutes her hypocrisy.

Pathologist Hired By Jeffery Epstein's Brother Says Death “Points to Homicide” 3 Epstein

“The autopsy did not support suicide, that’s what she put down. Then Dr. Sampson changed it a week later, manner of death to suicide. The brother has been trying to find out why that changed. … What was the evidence?”

Dr. Baden

Where are the are two corrections officers who fell asleep after Epstein had been reported to attempt suicide previously? Why would they let EMS, move the body and destroy evidence that’s there and not take photos?

There needs to be transparency concerning Epstein’s death and the federal government cannot be allowed to continue to not pay attention to the concerns of the American people, we matter and we aren’t stupid. We want answers and we want the truth!

Pathologist Hired By Jeffery Epstein's Brother Says Death “Points to Homicide” 4 Epstein

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