74 Children Missing From Kansas Foster Homes

Where Are They Kansas?

I cannot seem to wrap my mind around how more than 70 children went missing from the Kansas foster care system. Not one person seems to know where they’ve gone. Lawmakers have no idea what has happened and when Kansas State Senator Laura Kelly asked the Department of Children & Families, they knew nothing of it.

The outrage began in late last year in 2017, most of the children missing are young girls.

Two of the specific contractors are KVC & Saint Francis Community Services. Kansas is the first state in the country to privatize its child welfare system in 1996. Is this the reason for this happening because it is privatized? Or merely incompetent workers and leadership to protect children? There are 7,000 foster children in the state of Kansas alone. It’s not rare that children run away from foster homes, its common, but according to a KVC spokesperson, “it’s the case in every state.” This may be a fact, but it’s not the answer to the problem nor the solution.

The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children reported there were 25,000 runaways in 2017, that’s just to them. The NCMEC says, “one in seven were likely victims of child sex trafficking. Of those, 88 percent were in the care of social services when they went missing.” In 2016 there were 8.2 million cases reported to the NCMEC tipline regarding sexual abuse images, child sex trafficking, sexual molestation & sextortion. Over the years the amount of missing children has risen.

KVC reports it is missing 38 children while Saint Francis Community Services 36 children respectively.

There are 27 million people who are victims of human trafficking in the World. 83% of that number are sex trafficked. 80% are women, 50% are children from that 80%. 800,000 are moved and traded over borders yearly.

The average age of victims is 12 years old. Each person is forced to sleep with up to 40 people a night at $90 each time. They are estimated to make at least $250,000 a year. California is king of the top 3 States for trafficking, following are Utah and Washington. 1-2% are rescued. 30,000 will die annually.

74 children don’t just disappear.

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  • Misty Johnes

    OMyGosh, this is unacceptable. How are they “missing”??? Is there somewherebwe can see pictures? Are these missing kids old enough to be runaways or are we talking small children? I know it doesn’t make a difference Im just wondering have they run away or is it something more like trafficking? Where can we attain more info on this? So sad!!!! These kids are SUPPOSED to be protected wtf is going on?????

    • Big John

      That’s my point. The rep said oh it happens all the time. It sounds like somehow they are funneling these kids somewhere

    • Anonymous

      I am a survivor of the system and I have a great fear ,, and I continue on to reach out to speak up for the children that are missing from cps … I escaped from them and they have been placed with my presence in this world…. my records may be unavailable to show accountability…… I keep hitting walls people just don’t demand the children be found.

      If one of the local community pushes they have to respond… who reported the children? Actions of the system should be questioned by the people who notice ….. but no one is actually helping. . Just writing about it

  • Anonymous

    I have emailed the state and federal government to ask for answers … but alone I am only one….. we are the children…. we are the people we have a power to interfere with our elected officials … yet I am alone…. no one really knows where to start…. following through with persistent authority for answers…. I’m not giving up

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