While she was Trump’s ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley sent classified information over an unsecured email system because she forgot her password, new emails reveal.

Nikki Haley Under Fire For Pulling A Hillary Clinton with Private Email 2 Nikki Haley

Hillary used multiple devises to send and receive classified material. When she received a subpoena to protect those items she destroyed them along with 30,000 emails and gets away with it. Comey turned a blind eye & she has no regret shame or responsibility.

The information was revealed because an organization called American Oversight made a request through the Freedom of Information Act. This mistake clearly could have been prevented and should have, it’s very lazy that she didn’t get things sorted first and this looks really bad on the Trump administration.

Nikki Haley Under Fire For Pulling A Hillary Clinton with Private Email 4 Nikki Haley

This mistake will cost her a chance at the presidency in 2024. Moreover, even a chance at the Vice President position because she was sloppy. Because she thought it was an inconvenience to know it or change it is not an excuse.

She’s speaking about nuclear missiles regarding North Korea and she went and sent information over those wires that aren’t secure is mind-boggling.

She claimed in her book her approaches to foreign leaders were stern enough that it got things done, except the story that’s actually revealed regarding the emails about Russia supporting the North Koran sanctions. The emails say something different.

Haley started arranging to share intelligence with Russia about the July 4 North Korean missile test: “I will try and reach out to Russia wed [Wednesday] and see if they want it. Would aim for the end of the week.”

Daily Beast – Christopher Dickey
Nikki Haley Under Fire For Pulling A Hillary Clinton with Private Email 6 Nikki Haley

The president needs to make sure this doesn’t happen again and have every member of his administration reviewed to prevent this issue from happening in the future.

This looks so bad!

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