As of this morning, reports have it that Meghan McCain is seriously considering calling it quits and not accepting ABC’s offer to return for the 23rd season next September.

McCain is the lone conservative voice surrounded by the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, and Sunny Hostin. Apparently, she’d be leaving a whopping $1 million on the table with sources citing she’s been feeling like a “caged animal”. A supposed close friend to McCain claims it takes an emotional toll on her and to the point where she feels defeated.

Here’s the thing, a person of their conviction may begin to feel like what she does what but you keep going because your consistency is key. She was in debate and yet she’s feeling overwhelmed, if this is true she may have failed this test already.

Do you care if Meghan McCain Leaves the View? 1 Meghan McCain

Now what I get ticked off at is when she brings her father into the conversation when he’s not needed almost like a clutch to give credibility. Who cares your father Meghan wasn’t that great. But I do believe her voice is welcomed to differentiate the status quo on the show of the shows left-leaning ideology.

The show has become a hot spot even more so than before with it being deemed the most important political show on TV, that I can not disagree. The battles between Joy Behar and Meghan have made headlines nonstop, I’m sure even boosting their ratings. I wouldn’t be surprised if they offer her more money to stay.

Many people may not watch it but it is mainstream and arguably more so because McCain makes so many headlines. If she goes I’m intrigued to see who they bring on as her replacement.

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