Caitlyn Jenner, the Olympic decathlete-turned-reality TV star is considering running for Governor of California and all of a sudden It’s feeling a bit like 2003 all over again. Jenner who announced in 2015 that she was transgender is considering the run, Axios reported Tuesday. The outlet cited “three sources with direct knowledge” of the situation.

If Arnold Schwarzenegger could win a recall election to become governor of California then, could Caitlyn Jenner follow the same path nearly two decades later?

Caitlyn Jenner’s F*** You To The Left

I’m sure the left isn’t too happy considering Caitlyn Jenner is extremely blasphemous to their platform especially because the Olmypian resides in arguably the most liberal progressive blue state in America, and on top of that Caitlyn has identified as transgender and did indeed vote for Trump in 2016. It has got to be terrifying for those on the left, and I love it. Did I mention their worst nightmare is coming true too, Jenner is a registered Republican and will likely run as a Republican for the top spot in California.

Now in all fairness, while Jenner did vote for Trump, Jenner later expressed disappointment with his handling of LGBT issues.

As Governor Gavin Newsom likely faces a recall election this fall, a pop culture figure seeking the state’s top job has echoes of what happened 18 years ago, when Democrat Gray Davis became the first governor to be recalled in state history, and the actor who played the Terminator took the state’s reins.

Liberals will Shit If Caitlyn Jenner Defeats Gavin Newsom in the Race for Governor of California 1 Caitlyn Jenner
Sacramento, California / USA – May 31, 2020: California State Governor Gavin Newsom holds his head in though before a meeting. Photo by Matt Gush

Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat, has faced extreme opposition from California Republicans over the past year as well from many Democrats frustrated over his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Agree with with Jenner or not this is why people should think for themselves and not go along with mob metantlity simply because they happen to be a member of a minority group. A perfect example is how the Democrats expect minorities to vote for them simply because of their minority status while ignoring how much of an injustice to the Democratic process it truly is.

Meanwhile, minorities like myself are demonized for going against their status quo since we possess the ability to access critical thinking, and they don’t like that, which is probably why they don’t even teach that elementary school anymore. God forbid we vote Republican, we’ll be publicly castrated by people within our own race and by those who think they know better than we do on social media when it comes to knowing what’s best for ourselves. I know I use to be a Republican, now I am a proud libertarian.

The hypocrisy is way too much, yet Democrats want to play victim as if they were betrayed, but why are they so adamant about equal rights and equal treatment for all, but hate when we go off script? Even our current president has a massive issue with minorities voting for another party. Don’t believe me? Look at when candidate Joe Biden went on the radio show with Charlamagne tha God and was upset about minorities voting for Donald Trump, “You ain’t black if you…..,” you know the rest.

Caitlyn needs to realize that celebrity works in politics but you have to do something with it in order for it to work and there’s already competition stacking up to defeat Governor Newsom. So far two Republicans former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and businessman John Cox have announced that they will run at the bottom of the ballot.

Caitlyn Jenner
Caitlyn Jenner at the Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin held at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills, USA on September 7, 2019. Photo by Tinseltown

On the recall ballot, voters will be faced with two questions: 1. Should Newsom be recalled? and 2. Which candidate should replace him?

What are Caitlin’s chances of winning California? What policies do you think she will make a difference with in that state? How fast do you think cancel culture will slam Jenner because of their own hypocrisy? Will pressure mount on Jenner to drop out the race because of her lifestyle? What celebrities in California who were supporting Jenner will come out being against Jenner? The future holds the answers to all these questions and I really do hope Jenner wins and the Democrats eat their own s*** because Americans are tired of their hypocrisy.

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