Gillibrand officially entered the 2020 presidential race on Sunday by declaring her Democratic candidacy with a campaign video titled Brave Wins.

She also had this to say, “I’m fighting for an America where we lead with bravery and compassion, not fear and greed—and I’m taking that fight straight to President Trump’s doorstep.” If she has compassion where the hell was it for Al Franken? It shows weakness, this is a primary example for which why Trump will be reelected. How? Because President Trump never waivers. He may lie but he will lie till he gets what he wants.

Another thing is she has the audacity claiming to fight with bravery and go against greed, well what the hell was she doing with the tobacco lobby? She was an attorney defending big tobacco for Philip Morris and its parent company Altria Group. She was the attorney in charge of silencing people about the negative effects tobacco users receive from the product.

People don’t realize at Davis Polk, the firm she worked for, always allowed its attorneys to decline work such as tobacco cases, Gillibrand did not. Leading executives of Philip Morris testified in 1994 that cigarettes were not addicting and that cigarettes had no link or causes relating to cancer. The Justice Department believed they (executives) perjured themselves and Mrs. Gillibrand had prior knowledge of what was happening.

Just recently she made statements pushing abortion and getting rid of the Hyde Amendment. The Hyde amendment is a provision that does n’t allow federal funds to be used for abortions unless in the case of safety, rape or incest.

Gillibrand has co-sponsored the Equal Access to Abortion Coverage that would get rid of the huge amendment and allow federal funds to pay for abortions, while the second part would prohibit politicians from pushing initiatives that dictate whether or not private insurers may cover abortion services in their respective states.

Gillibrand is as idiotic as the practice and implementation of the Hyde Amendment itself. We all know federal funds do indeed pay for abortions, just look at planned parenthood as exhibit A. They receive hundreds of millions of dollars by the government every year, but that’s stopping with Trump thankfully.

Kristin Gillibrand's Joke of a Campaign For 2020?? 2 Kristin Gillibrand

Gillibrand claims women need reproductive healthcare but how is performing an abortion productive for the mother in the long run when it has nothing to do with an emergency, incest or rape? It’s counterproductive. Babies have rights too.

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