In an interview on “The Today Show,” the wife of Democratic nominee Joe Biden said she was “thrilled” that he pledged to pick a woman as his running mate in March and he was looking for someone who shares his values on governing, perhaps someone like a Kamala Harris!

Is Kamala Harris a good vice presidential pick?

Mrs. Biden was pressed specifically about Harris, Biden demurred, but noted: “she’s on the shortlist.”

On top of all that New York Post columnist Miranda Devine said on Tuesday, “I think the interesting thing about Kamala Harris, though, is the fact that she’s coming out to showcase her ways just as she’s becoming the favorite as the vice president pick for Joe Biden,” Devine told “Fox & Friends,” pointing to an event Harris has scheduled with DJs to support Biden’s candidacy.

“As you see with this DJ promotion that she’s doing, she’s trying to inject some cool into the campaign and she is, after all, a good friend of President [Barack] Obama and he’ll be the sort of silent force behind the throne of Joe Biden.”

Is Kamala Harris being played?

Think about it! Biden and the democrats are still pissed they lost to President Trump while losing minority votes belonging to Hispanics and Blacks.

Kamala’s the perfect Vice President pick because she covers all bases the democrats want to cover; she’s a woman, she comes from immigrant parents(Jamaican & Indian), and most of all she’s 55 years young, while Joe is 77 years old.

What about Elizabeth Warren? Well, in a CBS News poll last month, Warren topped the list of prospects that Democrats wanted Biden to consider, followed by Harris. Warren even led among Black Democrats, 72 percent said she should be considered, with 60 percent saying the same of Harris.

Biden & Kamala Will Never Work!

Kamala Harris Favored To Be Joe Biden's VP Nominee 2 Kamala Harris

But I see the democrats really playing themselves as once upon a time during her tenure as the attorney California attorney general she git a bad rap for good reason.

She’s also been heavy on promoting gun control legislation which she pushed heavily during her campaign to become the presidential Democratic nominee many months back. I feel she would certainly lose votes especially from people who vote left but are already feeling their rights have been infringed upon, and I don’t see her garnering votes from Republicans on that issue either.

Moreover, during her time as California’s top official lawyer and district attorney of Almeda County(SF) she does not have a history of supporting minorities, specifically black people.

She had the opportunity to help push the marijuana vote but didn’t, therefore it being criminalized allows cops to target black people in low-income neighborhoods disproportionately. Her office even opposed the opportunity to investigate police shootings, opposed body cameras for police officers, which take away the opportunity for truth and the opportunity for proper due diligence to take place.

Did I mention she’s a Democrat who has been a proponent of the death penalty? Here’s One Example!

A Black man named Kevin Cooper, who was a death row inmate had a trial that was rooted in overt racism and corruption, yet he ended up being executed. Kamala advocated for this even though Kevin had DNA evidence that proved his innocence yet Harris opposed it until the New York Times exposed the case.

Passed Heat!!!

If you remember the debates, Kamala and Biden were intense rivals, so much that she almost destroyed his campaign before he got started.

Over a year ago, these debates were happening and Joe Biden was giving a fundraising speech where he recalled working with segregationists in Congress decades ago in order to “get things done.” His remarks were quickly criticized for sanitizing racist politicians.

The week after making those comments, Kamala ripped Joe a new asshole and let him hear what she felt, “As the only black person on this stage, I would like to speak on the issue of race.” – Kamala Harris to Biden. “I do not think you are a racist, but it is hurtful to hear you praise segregationists and oppose busing. That little girl who was bused to school was me.”

Will Donald Trump be re-elected in 2020?
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    1918 votes 94%
    1918 votes - 94% of all votes
  • No 6%, 120 votes
    120 votes 6%
    120 votes - 6% of all votes
  • Undecided 1%, 12 votes
    12 votes 1%
    12 votes - 1% of all votes
Total Votes: 2050
March 22, 2019 - December 1, 2020
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Time will tell who he chooses, and honestly, it could be a variety of people because Biden might actually forget who he chooses.

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