Have you ever heard of a backhanded compliment? Well, something like that happened over the weekend with Justin Bieber going off on Trump on Twitter.

The Canadian native is in favor of the President helping his friend A$AP Rocky who is in the custody of Swedish police at this moment. A$AP has been in custody since July 3 following a confrontation in Stockholm in which he faces serious accusations of assault.

The Obama era cages have caused an uproar and Bieber’s remarks have received backlash saying he needs to go back to Canada and whether or not he’s offered any shelter to any illegal immigrants or refugees whatsoever. I’m sure we know the answer is no. Hopefully, the UFC fight between Bieber and Tom Cruise takes place so we can see Bieber get his ass whooped.

It hasn’t been just Bieber calling on Rocky to be let go, but other celebrities including Kim Kardashian, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Nicki Minaj, have pushed for Rocky’s release. Melania Trump said the administration is working with the State Department.

Kardashian has already built a connection with Trump prior to this she received help from Trump in commuting the prison sentence of Alice Marie Johnson in June 2018.

The President had said in a Friday tweet that he would intervene to try to free Rocky, whose real name is Rakim May. He then followed that sentiment over the weekend by saying he had spoken to the Prime Minister of Sweden, saying they had a “good call” and Trump vouched that Rocky wasn’t a flight risk.

Moreover, Trump even stated that he “offered to personally vouch for his bail, or an alternative.” However, bail is not an option in Sweden. Authorities in Sweden have until July 25th to complete their investigation into the alleged A$AP Rocky assault.

The president has yet to respond to Bieber’s tweets, so here’s hoping that Bieber gets the boot back to Canada, the kids get freed from cages, parents stop bringing their kids over here, the process is more efficient in attaining citizenship, and all illegal immigrants are dealt with in the future in the proper way. But most importantly so we don’t have to hear about any of this going forward and our border is secured.

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