Joe Biden picks up an endorsement from 2004 Dem nominee and former Secretary of State John Kerry.

“Joe has never shied away from a challenge. He has never lost his heart, his middle-class Scranton values, his honor, his resilience,” Kerry says. Apparently, Kerry didn’t see Biden shy away from the truth earlier today when he was confronted at an Iowa town hall meeting.

“I know the measure of a person who never stopped fighting for millions of Americans even as his beloved son was losing a heartbreaking battle with cancer. Joe’s strength and his moral center are inspiring,” Kerry, who will join Biden in Iowa tomorrow, writes in his endorsement statement.

This is just another deep state guy representing another deep state guy.

“Joe will defeat Donald Trump next November. He’s the candidate with the wisdom and standing to fix what Trump has broken, to restore our place in the world, and improve the lives of working people here at home,” John Kerry said.

Could we see Biden nominating Obama as his Vice President, it wouldn’t be a shocker. Now we await the endorsement of Barrack Obama.

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