Jon Huntsman, the US Ambassador to Russia, is resigning effective October 3. Huntsman previously served as the Ambassador to China under President Obama and the Governor of Utah. It’s likely that Huntsman will run for Governor of Utah again.

Huntsman was elected as Utah’s governor in 2004 and again in 2008, he left his post soon after in 2009 to become the U.S. ambassador. President Trump asked John to handle the relationship with Russia and he did. This resignation is not surprising considering the ambassador had previously told the president he would accept the position for two years.

If he decides to run for governor or hell even United States Senator or even the presidency post-Trump now he’ll have had foreign experience with our two largest adversaries. Executive leadership combined with foreign experience which gives him very good credentials.

Could you imagine John Huntsman and Mitt Romney at the helms of that state?

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