Joe Walsh announced yesterday that he is going up against President Trump for the Republican nomination and apologizes for his past criticism of Obama. He said he takes responsibility for his part in enabling the 2016 win for president Trump.

“He’s nuts. He’s erratic. He’s cruel. He stokes bigotry. He’s incompetent. He doesn’t know what he’s doing,” Walsh told ABC’s “This Week.” The now Republican candidate portrayed himself as a legitimate alternative in a party where he said many are opposed to Trump but are “scared to death” of saying so publicly. Not likely.

Walsh stated, “I got personal and I got hateful. I said some ugly things about President Obama that I regret . . . that helped create Trump, and I feel responsible for that.” The hypocrisy is with his criticisms of the president he gave another reason for people not to vote for him because admitted Party-Over-Country, same old same old.

This is absolutely hilarious and they called mitt Romney a flip-flopper. This is the guy who threatened to grab a gun if president trump lost. Regardless, this is the second candidate in the Republican party (Governor Bill Weld) who will try and challenge Trump for that primary win. Good luck guys be prepared to be disappointed, Trumps got a 90% approval rating among Republicans .

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