Former vice president and Democratic frontrunner for the Democratic party said Tuesday at an Iowa town hall that he’d like Michelle Obama to be his Vice President and Barack Obama as a Supreme Court Justice.

These comments come after he was actually asked if he would appoint Barack as a Supreme Court Justice. “Yeah, I would, but I don’t think he’d do it. He’d be a great Supreme Court justice.”

Biden then followed up saying both Michelle and Barack are incredibly “honorable” and “qualified” people. Really? I see pandering for the black vote honestly and it’s insulting to the black community, what will his policies be to benefit blacks in their communities? Has he even been to black neighborhoods at all on this campaign trail? Sheriff David Clark shared my exact sentiments and went even further on how preposterous this is.

What’s really happening here is Biden is about to get his ass kicked by Bernie Sanders or Bloomberg in the primaries. He’s tucking at strings for anything to give his campaign life because Joe sure doesn’t seem lively much less put together a coherent sentence. I could see him even asking Barack Obama to be his running mate in the future if things get bad.

This is the ultimate grasp of desperation by Biden aware of his unpopularity. Instead of dropping out Biden would rather throw a hail mary and try to benefit from the left’s fascination with a polished celebrity, who in actuality is in inexperienced liberal who happens to fill two minority categories.

Michelle Obama Take

Michelle’s school lunch program was horrible and she failed to educate on what real food was to show kids the benefits of what’s good for you and what’s not. Ask any child who went to school during that time and they’d tell you she destroyed their lunches. The food may have been better for them but so many kids went even hungrier after school because they had nothing to fill them up for dinner. Teachers I’ve spoken to had to come out of pocket to help feed the kids because they never ate dinner.

What’s even crazier if you put this in perspective when is the last time you saw a democratic frontrunner for president pick a vice president who is more likable and popular than he is? Never! Pick Hillary Clinton as your press secretary, please! Look for Hunter Biden to be appointed as the Secretary of the Treasury too, and they bad-mouth Trump about nepotism, what the hell is this? Aren’t the Obamas and Bidens basically family?

Joe Biden Wants Michelle Obama as Vice President & Barack on Supreme Court 2 Joe Biden
Joe Biden Wants Michelle Obama as Vice President & Barack on Supreme Court 4

You know what, regardless of whether people like Mike Pence or not, Pence is the perfect balance to Trump. We may not see it now, but I think historians will see just how much this vice president is contributing stability to what could be total anarchy. And I mean anarchy from the perspectives of a liberal/progressive viewpoint.

What do you think would happen if Biden got sick and has to let Michelle Obama take over the reins of the office? Could we see Barrack as her Vice President regardless of what the law says? They’re Hollywood now so it would make sense since all Hollywood does is make reboots now.

Barack Obama Take

This isn’t going to be as long but the fact that he even suggests Barack Obama being appointed to the Supreme Court is absolutely ridiculous. Obama is a constitutional lawyer who disregarded the law of the land every time he could.

He committed more war crimes via drones than anyone, killing over 5,000 people and including over 1,000 civilians who were killed in countries like Somalia, Yemen, and Pakistan according to reports logged by the Bureau. They used drones so much that at one point 90% of the deaths were civilians.

What’s also interesting is the timing of Biden’s comments come during the impeachment trial that’s a farce, especially because it centers around a whistleblower. Barrack Obama went after more and punished more whistleblowers than anyone in history, does anyone see the hypocrisy?

Joe Biden Wants Michelle Obama as Vice President & Barack on Supreme Court 3 Joe Biden
Joe Biden Wants Michelle Obama as Vice President & Barack on Supreme Court 5

None of these people can defeat President Trump I don’t care what rabbits they want to pull out of their ass. Trump will win by a landslide in 2020.

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