Are the Democrats so desperate that they’d throw everything at Donald Trump including having 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden choose Barack Obama as his number 2 in command?

Is Joe Biden Going to Pick Obama as His Vice President? 2 Obama
Joe Biden & Barack Obama

Originally the Constitution did not have any term limits on being the president, but that all changed after President Roosevelt became the first and last president to win four consecutive presidential elections. Because of him, the Constitution was ratified in 1951 and the 22nd amendment was born limiting a person to only two terms as president.

Is it that cut and dry? Well, it doesn’t specifically say someone can’t be president more than two terms, solely that they cannot be elected president more than twice.

No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice, and no person who has held the office of President, or acted as President, for more than two years of a term to which some other person was elected President shall be elected to the office of the President more than once.

United States Constitution – 22nd Amendment

With the 22nd amendment not specifically saying you can’t be president more than twice, this could possibly mean that the Democrats may have a way in with Obama at Biden’s side. On the flip side, someone could argue if you vote for Biden then you’re voting Obama too, seems obvious to me.

With Biden being 77 years old and clearly not having his whits, just my opinion, the Democrats could clearly be pushing a know political figure as their proverbial hail mary to actually have the vice president be the person in charge especially if Biden takes office and steps down because he’s not mentally fit to fulfill the duties of the president. An incident to that magnitude would not constitutionally disqualify Barack Obama.

So, in short: Yes, Joe Biden can name Barack Obama as his running mate. It’s even conceivable that, if they won, they could argue their case before Congress to be seated as president and Vice President.

Is Becoming President Again the End Game for Obama?

Perhaps Biden might spin the narrative instead and tell voters he’s going to promise voters he will nominate Obama to fill the first vacancy on the Supreme Court after Jan. 20.

Biden’s possible plan would certainly shift the balance of the U.S. Senate from Republican to Democratic and away from that evil bastard Mitch McConnell, which would be payback as many on the left believe that the Kentucky Senator stole a court seat from Obama in 2016.

Anyways this is a Trump haters wet dream, but even with old Bary I still can’t see anyone defeating the ‘Teflon Don’. Moreover, just the agony of thinking of seeing Barack Obama all the time on the supreme court would be hell and that could last for decades.

Is Joe Biden Going to Pick Obama as His Vice President? 3 Obama
Is Joe Biden Going to Pick Obama as His Vice President? 4

Obama would definitely be working that conspiracy narrative as he would then being President, a member of Congress, and then a supreme court justice under his belt. But look for a Republican-controlled Congress to impeach a supreme court judge if this actually happened.

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