President Donald Trump joined AMVETS in front of 2,500 people to celebrate 75 years of love, loyalty, and lifelong service to veterans and their families!

President Trump recieved a standing ovation from the AMVETS crowd when he said he wants to eliminate “every penny” of student loan debt for totally and permanently disabled veterans. Trump said they won’t have to pay federal income tax on the forgiven debt and called on states to waive their taxes on the loans, too.

Trump will sign a memo at AMVETS event asking DeVos to expedite the process to apply for loan forgiveness, WH says.

The White House says the process right now is burdensome because only half of the 50,000 disabled veterans who qualify to have their federal loans discharged take advantage of the benefit. The executive order would wipe out more than $750 million of debt averaging $30,000 a person totaling around 25,000 people.

Doesn’t the U.S. government provide something like that for veterans already? don’t they have a GI bill that pays for college? All disabled vets should already qualify, correct?

As of right now, disabled veterans have to fill out paperwork to request something similar. Aides want them to get a notice that says if you don’t want your federal loans forgiven, let us know.

What are your thoughts?

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