Yesterday, Representative Ilhan Omar doubled down on her calls for President Trump’s resignation after he told journalist Bob Woodward that he downplayed the seriousness of the coronavirus in public while telling people in February he knew it was “deadly” and far worse than the flu.

Trump Thursday said he didn’t want to panic the country. “I want to show a level of confidence and I want to show strength as a leader,” Trump told reporters Thursday. “There was no lie here, what we’re doing here is leading and we’re leading in the proper way.”

“I don’t want to jump up and down and shout ‘death, death’” he added. “I have to lead a country.”

What’s really wrong with that Democrats/anti-Trumpers? Panic causes chaos, is that really what critics wanted? If this was such a huge deal why would they not say it when it happened? These Bull Sh*t stories are going to continue to pour out until President Trump wins and beyond.

What could he have said that would have changed the behavior of a single American?

Ilhan Omar & The Democratic Hypocrisy

Ilhan Omar Demands Trump's Resignation the Day Before 9/11 2 ilhan omar

The hypocrisy from Ilhan Omar, who is a member of the ‘Squad‘, is that she thinks she is unblemished in her public life even with tax fraud allegations, marriage fraud, campaign finance fraud, tax evasion, and supposed ties to a foreign country.

Oh wait, the irony is she and her cronies have slammed Trump for his personal life while creating bull sh*t narratives they’ve created about him. In fact, she’s the one who has actually mirrored every single one of those things in her own personal life. The hypocrisy is insane! Where’s the investigation into her?

I can’t understand why Democrats are never held accountable, it’s simply swept under the rug. Why does no one else seem to want to know an answer to that? I mean a Democrat and Republican could break a law at the same time in front of a cop and the Republican would go to jail and the Democrat would go home. I’m getting sick of the double standard.

Moreover, all of Congress who remained on a taxpayer-paid recess during a global pandemic should resign! The nerve to abandon the American people that pay them is plain cruel. People like Omar, McConnell, and Pelosi have done nothing while still receiving a paycheck. Why do members of Congress seem to think they have no responsibilities during a pandemic or when being pressured overall?

Political Hit Jobs

Ilhan Omar Demands Trump's Resignation the Day Before 9/11 3 ilhan omar

Just remember it was Russia and Mueller, then stormy and Avenatti, then it was more phony collusion, then emoluments, then North Korea fear-mongering, yet all of that fell apart because it was fake news.

Most of the scientists I saw all said we could lose 2 million people, but yet under the leadership of President Trump we have lost less than 200k so far, one is too many. It’s damn good to be where we are now opposed to where we could’ve been.

In January Trump closed borders while Democrats like Schumer called him racist, which is why Pelosi even took a trip to Chinatown saying how safe it was, just bury him politically but she must’ve stopped by her hair salon and git high on fumes.

FYI for you Trump haters, you need to realize Barack Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize is as meaningless as Ilhan Omar’s marriage license.

Ilhan Omar Demands Trump's Resignation the Day Before 9/11 4 ilhan omar
Ilhan Omar Demands Trump's Resignation the Day Before 9/11 5

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